The diverse and rich topography of Oman divides the country naturally into three distinct regions, each with its own identity. These regions range from rugged mountains and deep fjords in the north, through the spectacular dunes of the Sharqiyah (Wahiba) Sandsand two large salt flats in the centre, to the lush green hills of the Dhofar region in the south. A rugged and varied coastline stretches from north to south.

The Qara Mountains are the second mountain range in Oman situated in the Southern region. These attract the light monsoon rains during the mid-summer months, turning them green with vegetation. As in the north, a narrow fertile coastal plain lies between the mountains and the sea. The city of Salalah, capital of Dhofar, is here surrounded by lush farmland and coconut groves.


The Sultanate of Oman is administratively divided into four Governorates and five Regions:

  • Governorate of Muscat
  • Governorate of Dhofar
  • Governorate of Musandam
  • Governorate of Al Buraimi
  • Al Batinah Region
  • Al Dakhiliyah Region
  • Al Sharqiyah Region
  • Al Dhahira Region
  • Al Wusta Region

Each Governorate/Region is formed of Wilayats (totaling 61) which are further divided into Niyabats. Additionally, each Region has one or more Regional Centers totaling 12 overall.

a. Land activities
Rock Climbing
Cave Exploration
Desert Safari
Horse Racing
Camel Racing

b. Water activities

c. Other actives
Oman Adventures
Oman Desert Express
Oman Intl. Rally
Dubai–Muscat Regatta
Sinbad Classic
Biddiyah Challenge