Bird watching

The bird life in Oman is known internationally, attracting avid bird watchers and ornithologists from all over the world. According to the Oman Bird Records Committee, more than 460 different bird species have been recorded in Oman, out of which 80 species have been classified as resident, while the rest are migrant and seasonal species. During the season of spring and autumn millions of birds pass across the length and breadth of Oman and an impressive variety can be seen in Muscat Capital Area. These migratory periods coincide with the cooler weather between October and April, the best time to watch birds in the Sultanate of Oman. Common migrant and seasonal species include Cattle Egret, Little Stint, Greater Flamingos, Caspian Gulls, Spotted Flycatchers, Grey Heron, Dunlins, Sandwich Terns, Red and Green shanks, Ruff and White Wagtails.

Bird-watching Sites

Qurum Natural Park with its rich variety of resident birds in their natural habitat is another easily accessible location. However, Al-Ansab Lagoon is undoubtedly the best place for bird watching, not only in the Muscat area but probably in the entire Sultanate.Outside the Capital Area, birding locations abound from Musandam in the north to Dhofar in the south.In Musandam eagles are to be found in large numbers. Masirah Island in A'Sharqiyah region is the home of thousands of birds especially in winter. Species too be seen here include flamingoes, seagulls, terns and herons. Dhofar is a paradise for birds, particularly African species.

The exiting Dolphin and Whale

From Musandam in the north and all the way down to Dhofar in the south of the Sultanate Many dolphins can be seen in close proximity to the coast. Humpback and Orca whales can also be found in the waters of Oman, albeit less frequently than dolphins. Fahal Island is a good site to spot dolphins in their hundreds roaming around or following the tuna. Species often found are Spinner, Common and Bottlenose dolphins. Orcas have also been reported playing around the island. Traditional Omani fishing boats fully equipped with all necessary safety equipment are normally used for Dolphin watch trips. Trips are usually arranged in early morning and at sunset.

The Main Natural Reserves In Oman

  • Arabian Oryx
  • Marine Turtles Nature Reserve
  • The Al Daymaniyat Islands Nature Reserve
  • Al Saleel Natural Park
  • Jabal Smhan
  • Wadi Sareen Reserve
  • The Khawrs of Dhofar


  • Qurum Natural Park
  • Al Naseem Public Park
  • Riyam Park
  • Kalbou Beach Park
  • Al Wadi Al Kabeer Park
  • Al A'merat Public Park
  • Quriyat Lake Park
  • The Park of A'Seeb Beach
  • Al Sahwa Park