The Muscat Festival

The biggest event in Muscat (if not Oman) is the annual Muscat Festival, held for a month from early January in several outdoor venues around the city. The festival showcases Omani and neighboring Arabic culture with poetry recitals, traditional dancing and craft displays. The event also attracts dance and acrobatic acts from other countries and includes fireworks and shopping stalls, mainly from the subcontinent and Far East. Since its inception in February 1998, the Muscat Festival has attracted visitors from around the world and captured their imagination through eye-catching events and activities that have successfully showcased the true essence of Oman.. The festival period is ablaze with action and intrigue for all.

Salalah tourism festival

Each year the natural phenomena of the monsoon season in Salalah casts a magical spell on visitors from far and near. Although the Salalah Tourism Festival (formerly known as the Khareef festival), along with others were introduced as part of the monsoon specialties in the previous years, the authorities thought it fit to launch a carnival and shopping festival this year to further enhance the khareef attraction. Towards the end of June right away through to the end of September, the Khareef (monsoon) season sweeps over the Southern part of the Sultanate dropping temperature to and below 23°C. As the monsoon rains nourish the region of Dhofar and the mystical fog hangs ominously over the land, resulting in some of the world's most stunning natural scenery. Upon the arrival of the month of July, Salalah Tourism Festival Rolls into town to delight the city with oodles of family fun in the form of cultural, traditional and modern artistic shows, all encased in an ambiance of cordiality and hospitality.
This amalgamation of idyllic weather and man-made celebrations leave visitors content that they have experienced something truly unique.